"We all have been around for some time now, and its often hard to
keep out of eachother's hair. I just have to make a comment to you about
Cherane Pefley and Hyacinth macaws. I don't know which "experts" you
consider and respect with regard to Hyacinth macaws or their chicks, but
I want YOU to know that there are few that have as much experience
raising and observing baby Hyos than Cherane does. People can debate
diets and additives all day long....and fight over protein balances vs
fat content too, but Cherane has taken the time to really work with a
formula and raise nice Hyos on it. So, despite the experts and their
claims that veggies in the formula wont' work and will stunt babies
etc.......Cherane can raise some damned nice Hyo babies and they are as
nice or nicer than any that have been produced by some of these other
experts. Just thought you should know....."

Rick Jordan
Hill County Aviaries......